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Social Media Algorithms

The “Hidden Hand“ Behind Social Media Algorithms and How it Works

How to make scalable and efficient social media scoring algorithm that makes sense to the end...
AI Artyficial

How I Made My First AI YouTuber

The age of AI powered video content is coming.

Meet AIN’s Founder and CTO – Branislav Đalić

This story is a part of Hacker Noon's Meet the Writer series of interviews.

Raspberry Pi In Production

Let's go through some basic security settings to make your project and Raspberry Pi production ready.

Using JavaScript to Identify Unique Typing Styles

Let's use JavaScript to verify users' typing style in a browser.

How I Built a Complete P2P RSS Podcast App in a Single HTML File

A single-page app that uses RSS, P2P communication and decentralized storage to serve as a podcast...

I Built a Tool to Help You Sketch Out an MVP Proposal in Minutes

Product Hunter is a self-hosted, one-page pitcher for any MVP idea proposal.

WiFi Beaconing: A Way to Save Lives via Beacon Flooding

What is WiFi beaconing exactly and why does it matter for the purpose of this article?

Technical Debt and the Obfuscation of Truth

Our world is in a clerical mess. Growing technical debt is leading us into a Kafkaesque...
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