Unleash the Magic of AI Storytelling with Fabler!

In a world dominated by digital communication, finding a meaningful way to connect with loved ones can be a challenge. That’s where AIN steps in with our latest creation – Fabler. We made a platform that goes beyond the standard digital greeting, introducing a fresh approach to gifting, transcending the traditional e-card experience. Whether you want to surprise a loved one with a personalized story or strengthen professional relationships by sending a unique narrative to employees or business associates, Fabler caters to both personal and corporate needs.

The Fabler Difference

Beyond Greetings, It’s an Experience:

While e-cards are limited to digital greetings, Fabler introduces the concept of personalized storytelling. Imagine receiving a tale crafted just for you, complete with illustrations and tailor-made details. It’s not just a card; it’s an immersive experience!

AI Magic for Unmatched Personalization:

Fabler employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence to create stories that match your preferences. Each tale is a unique creation, tailored precisely to the preferences of the recipient, ensuring a thoughtful and memorable gift. Fabler doesn’t stop at words, it incorporates stunning visuals into each story, making the experience not just literary but visually enchanting. No generic greetings here—just personalized wonders!

Embrace the Element of Surprise:

Unlike traditional platforms, Fabler intentionally keeps the sender in suspense by not providing a preview of the crafted story. It’s a deliberate choice to maintain the mystery, ensuring that the sender, just like the recipient, eagerly anticipates the tale until it arrives in their email. This intentional withholding adds an extra layer of excitement and discovery, making each Fabler story a unique and delightful surprise for both sender and receiver.

Storytelling vs. Static Messages:

E-cards often convey static messages that lack the personal touch of a well-crafted story. Fabler allows you to express your sentiments in a unique and engaging way, creating stories that go beyond the ordinary – sparking emotions, and creating memories. It’s like sending a mini adventure directly to your loved one’s inbox!

How Fabler Works

Acquire Tokens:

Begin your Fabler journey by purchasing tokens. One token unlocks the creation of one captivating tale. Get a single token or pick up a discounted bundle.

Tailor Your Tale:

Fill out a form with your preferences, detailing the kind of story you want to create, select a genre and unleash the AI storytelling magic. The more detailed your description, the longer and richer your story will be. Provide intricate details for an epic tale, or opt for brevity for a quick narrative burst.

Wait for the Surprise:

Once you’re satisfied with your story details, our AI initiates a creative process to compose a story accompanied by illustrations. Within minutes, the completed story is sent to both you and your chosen recipient. The story remains a surprise for you too, until it lands in your email. 

Explore the Fabler Experience and Be Among the First!

Today marks the official launch of Fabler on Product Hunt, and we’d appreciate your support. Visit our Product Hunt page, explore the unique features of Fabler, and, if you love what you see, kindly upvote us: https://www.producthunt.com/products/fabler. Your support is invaluable as we introduce Fabler to a broader audience. 

Join us in celebrating this launch and shaping the future of personalized storytelling – be among the first 100 users to try the platform, and receive a complimentary token to kickstart your Fabler journey! Take part in the AI storytelling experience with Fabler today! 🎉🚀✨

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